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Welcome To Diamond Ranch High School's Counseling Dept.

"We don't just change schedules, we change lives!"
Our counseling department is committed to implementing a proactive and data-driven comprehensive school counseling program that promotes each student's academic, career, and social-emotional development. 
DRHS Counseling Team
Our Counseling Office:
  • Reaches every student
  • Is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature
  • Is an integral part of the total educational program for student success
  • Selects measurable student competencies based on local need
  • Provides academic, college/career, and social/emotional development for every student
  • Has a delivery system that includes school core curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and system support
  • Is implemented by a credentialed school counselor
  • Is conducted in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Uses data to drive program decisions; monitors student progress
  • Measures both process and outcome results and analyzes critical data elements.
  • Seeks improvement each year based on results data