School Counselor

Counseling Department
Guidance Office Information
Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm
Phone: 909-397-4715
The Guidance Office is a dynamic resource center for academic, career, and personal development. Students receive individualized services in planning for high school graduation, college, and the world of work. Students have access to their counselor by requesting an appointment and walk in availability before school, at lunch, and after school.

The Career Center is staffed to assist students with college applications, university presentations, scholarship information, and work permits.
The Guidance Office:
  • Reaches every student
  • Is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature
  • Is an integral part of the total educational program for student success
  • Selects measurable student competencies based on local need
  • Provides academic, college/career, and social/behavioral development for every student
  • Has a delivery system that includes school core curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and system support
  • Is implemented by a credentialed school counselor
  • Is conducted in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Uses data to drive program decisions; monitors student progress
  • Measures both process and outcome results and analyzes critical data ele-ments.
  • Seeks improvement each year based on results data

Please call the office any time for further information and assistance.


Patricia Rosales (A-Fi)

Extension: 32094

Office:  F200



Natalie Kirkbride-Escobedo (M-Q)

Extension: 32093

Office: F200



Leila Mc Farlin (FL-L)  

Extension:  32091

Office: E200


Stewart Solomon (R-Z)

Extension: 32092

Office: E200 


Patrick Farschian (All 9th Grade)

Extension: 32055

Office: 8



Natalie Johnson (College & Career)

Extension: 32219

Office: B119


The mission of PUSD school counseling program is to ensure all students receive the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed in academic, college/ career and social/emotional development. In partnership with parents and the community, school counselors are advocates for equity, access and success for all students. School counselors empower students with a well-rounded, challenging, and quality educational program to flourish as responsible productive citizens in the 21st century.