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Principal's Message

It is my great honor to be the principal of this vastly high achieving school committed to excellence both in and out of the classroom.  At Diamond Ranch High School we continuously strive to prepare our students to be First class citizens with a world class education.  Each year we renew our commitment to excellence and witness the furthering and refining of our vision.  This year we look to thrive through expanding opportunities for our students that see them flourish academically, excel athletically, and advance their learning of the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for the demands of college and the 21st century world of work.


While we grow and evolve with our progress, our vision remains firm: preparing first class citizens with a world-class education.  We pursue our goals with vigor:

  • To prepare students for entrance into the university of their choice and the 21st century world of work
  • To prepare students for meaningful participation within a culturally diverse and democratic society
  • To prepare students for life-long learning
  • To prepare students for the technological world in which we live.


With these goals at the forefront of our work, we will all contribute to preparing our students for successful futures. We will serve our students and together continue to demonstrate that Diamond Ranch High School is a California Distinguished School.



Suzanne Ripley