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Kyra Saldana - Editor in Chief

Letter from the Editor


Three friends and I walked the track during a sunny day of summer school P.E., gushing about anything and everything, like teenagers, often do. Someone posed the question: “Why doesn’t Diamond Ranch have a newspaper?” None of us could come up with an answer, but enthusiasm bubbled in our stomachs as we talked about the idea of a school paper. Through an instant flow of ideas, a shared spark in 4 different minds, we passionately decided: “We can do it!”

Two years and one pandemic later, I write to you as the proud Editor-In-Chief of the student-formed, student-led, and student-operated Diamond Ranch High School newspaper, The Panther Post. Our mission to promote the importance of journalism and unite the student body is as important as ever given the current COVID-19 crisis. The Panther Post aims to uplift the voices within our student body and help us all feel connected to one another. Now more than ever, we must make an effort to support our fellow Panthers and be there for one another. Although panthers are known to be solitary animals, Diamond Ranch Panthers are known to travel in packs. 

I’d like to congratulate every single student of the 2020-21 school year because they just made history by wrapping up the first-ever quarter of distance learning. Whether you had an amazing experience this first quarter or a terrible one, we all share something uniquely beautiful: we went through it together. We all know the awkwardness of silent breakout rooms. We all feel the anxiety of unmuting ourselves in front of our peers. We all find ourselves worrying about the extremely unclear future. We also are ALL Diamond Ranch Strong. 

Our incredible staff of 15 writers and phenomenal advisor, Ms. Nguyen, have worked tirelessly these past months to produce the best content possible. It is our hope that you keep up with our articles, feel proud to be a DR Panther, and most importantly, enjoy reading about life at our special Diamond on the Hill; we are DR!

Kyra Saldaña 

Editor in Chief 2020-21