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Visual & Performing Arts Pathway

The Visual and Performing Arts Pathway The Visual and Performing Arts Pathway (instituted with a Class of 2015) provides students with the opportunity to pursue a four-year course of studies in artistic forms, including dance, event planning, graphic design/video production, music (band, orchestra, or vocal), or visual art-while completing the requirements for both graduation and college/ university acceptance. Students will engage in both theoretical studies and practicum. Lower-division artists will hone their artistic knowledge, skills, and expression leading to upper division service-learning projects, and a culminating senior portfolio.
Students select one of six areas of study:
Instrumental Music
The instrumental music student will focus on musicianship through an emphasis on a collegiate-level music repertoire. Musicians perform in a variety of venues, including competitions and festival, concert settings and community venues. To compete their artistic growth, students will study music history and theory.
Vocal Music
The DRHS Choral Department focuses on vocal development in high school-age singers and preparing these students for collegiate/advanced vocal and choral opportunities. Students will learn how to produce a healthy, beautful sound, improve intonation, work together in a choral ensemble, basic music theory, and enhance their musicianship skills. Students will be provided a variety of venues to perform in both as groups and as soloists. Students will learn to sing a variety of repertoire from different cultures, religions, and time periods that will expand both musical and personal potential.
Dance Conservatory
The DRHS award-winning dance program has garnered the Music Center’s 2009 Bravo award, as well as producing the 2009 and 2010 Los Angeles County Student Choreographers of the Year. Dance students study a curriculum that progressively leads students through Technique, Composition, Lighting Design, Costume Design, History, and Kinesiology. The curriculum features California’s only UC/CSU-approved Honors Dance Association Nu Delta Alpha Honors Society.
Visual Arts
Visual artists study the History of Art, 2-D Techniques, and 3-D Design Technique. The culminating class is Advanced Placement Art (Drawing). Artists develop artistic breadth, as well as an individual depth emphasis. Program presents breadth, as well as developing each student’s individual depth emphasis through the compilation of a college-based artist’s portfolio. Artists participate in national and regional exhibitions and competitions, as well as participation in local exhibits at community galleries.
Graphic Arts
Graphic Arts students use industry-standard software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator), as well apple computers and other electronic hardware to create digital media, including video. Students learn artistic and design principles to enhance their products. Students explore the historical development of digital media.
Hospitality Arts
Students in the Hospitality Arts study Business Skills, Culinary Arts, and Event Planning. Successful completion of the junior and senior year courses culminate in receipt of the National Restaurant Association’s ProStart National Certificate of Achievement. Pathway completion includes up to 9 units awarded by Chaffey College, or credits available at California State Polytechnic University Pomona, California State University Long Beach, and over 60 college and university hospitality programs across the country. Additionally, students are prepared to pass the industry standard ServSafe Food Safety Certificate examination.