Summer School 2021 FAQ's

Summer School 2021 FAQs

  • How do I know if I am in Summer School?

 If you are enrolled your teacher will have emailed you (check your @apps account)

  • How can I check on Student Connect to see if I am in Summer School?

You can look at your schedule that is labeled ST 310 20/21

  • What time is Summer school?

Session 1 starts at 7:45AM-10:45AM

Session 2 starts at 11:00AM-2:00PM

  • How do I get information on my Summer School class?

Your teacher will send you a Google Classroom code where you will get the Zoom link and more information.  If you do not get a Google Classroom code sent to you, call DRHS and we can help you.

  • How do I log into Zoom?

The Zoom link will be in the Google Classroom sent by your teacher.

  • Will Summer school be Online/Distance Learning?

 Yes, Summer school classes will be online.  There are only a few exceptions.


  • I have more questions. Who do I call if I have more specific questions?

Feel free to contact us a 909-397-4715 and we can direct you to Ms. Moatakef or Ms. Smith, our Summer School Principals, or Ms. Rosales, our Mt. SAC Coordinator.