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Parent FAQs (updated 8/18/20)

Diamond Ranch High School

FAQs for Fall 2020



If you don’t find your question here, please submit via email to Please put “FAQ” in the “subject line.”


Contact Information (phone numbers, emails, text numbers) are listed at the end of the questions.


AWARDS: How do I get awards from last year?

Send an email to the Activities Office. (


CLASS INFORMATION: All class information, including Zoom codes and Google Classroom codes have been sent by teachers via email. Students should check their School-issued Gmail account ( account) for this information. If they haven't received any information, please contact the teacher directly via email or the school via phone.


CHROME BOOKS: I have not returned my Chrome Book. When should I return my Chrome Book?

  • If you returning to DRHS, you will keep it for this school year.
  • If you are not returning to DRHS, contact Ms. Lillie Jimenez via email ( to arrange a drop-off time.
  • If you have a problem with a Chrome Book (broken/not working, for example), contact Technology Help (Chromebook or WiFi): 909-397-4800 x23780


COUNSELOR CONTACT: How do I contact my counselor?

  • Contact your counselor via email.
  • Be very specific, for example:
    • “I am requesting to add English 2 Honors; I am requesting to drop because English 2 CP because I brought my semester 2 English 1 grade up to an A.”
    • “I am requesting a letter of recommendation for the Westinghouse Scholarship due on September 15th.”
  • Include your full name, your email address and your phone number.

Counselor Contact Information:


Mr. Patrick Farschian (All Freshmen)
Mrs. Patricia Rosales (A – Fi)
Mrs. Leila McFarlin (Fl – L)
Mrs. Natalie Kirkbride-Escobedo (AVID/NCAA Clearing House & M-Q))
Mr. Stewart Solomon (R – Z)


DAILY SCHEDULE: What does a student’s daily schedule look like?

Bell Schedule

  • In essence, we are following a schedule that has students engage in six classes for the entire year, but in a new configuration: periods 1, 2, and 3 during the 1st and 3rd quarters, periods 4, 5, and 6 during the 2nd and 4th
  • Additionally, teachers may choose to keep all student in one period in one virtual classroom, or to divide the students in each of the classes into two cohorts.
  • Individual teachers will announce their plans via syllabus and class notifications. A complete description of the schedule can be accessed at


INFORMATION: Why am I not getting information?

Please check your contact information in Parent Connect. We are using those phone numbers and email addresses to send out information. If that information is incorrect, please correct it.


PARENT CONNECT: I don’t remember my pin and password. How do I get them?

Contact via email both the DRHS Office Manager and Data Secretary.

            Mrs. Shannon Zamora - Office Manager (

            Ms. Viviana Riebeling - Data Secretary (


PE CLOTHES: Do I need to buy them?

At this time, no. PE Teachers will address clothes for working out in class at the beginning of the class.


PE LOCKERS: When can I pick up items left in my locker?

Items left in PE lockers may be picked up at text book distribution.


RETURNING TO IN-PERSON SCHOOL: When will students and teachers return to physical classrooms?

  • Two factors determine our return to physical school:
  • The County of Los Angeles must not be listed on the governor’s watch list for 14 consecutive days. (The criterion for this is disease transmission, number of hospitalizations, and hospital capacity.)
  • Then, the Local Education Agency (in this case, Pomona Unified School District) would determine the best timing to re-establish in-person instruction.
RETURNING TO SCHOOL OPTIONS: When students and teachers return to physical classrooms, may I continue remote learning?
The Pomona Unified School District is working on plans to accommodate this option.
SAT AT DRHS: Will the SAT be offered at DRHS?
DRHS neither sponsors nor runs the SAT. The College Board owns and operates the testing. The College Board rents schools, such as DRHS, to accommodate the testing. At this time, PUSD has elected not to host the SAT. (Although the College Board website identifies Diamond Ranch as a 2020-2021 testing site, at this time PUSD has not signed a contract with the College Board.) To locate other test sites, communicate with the College Board. The College Board website is
SCHEDULES: When do I get my schedule?
Schedules will be distributed at text book distribution.
SCHEDULES: I didn’t select classes in spring. How do I get a schedule?
Based on the student’s academic records, our counselors have constructed schedules for students. If there is a problem, students may request a change up to the last day of the first week of school.
 (August 14th) It is recommended however, that you contact your counselor as soon as possible.
Counselor Contact Information:
Mr. Patrick Farschian (All Freshmen)
Mrs. Patricia Rosales (A – Fi)
Mrs. Leila McFarlin (Fl – L)
Mrs. Natalie Kirkbride-Escobedo (AVID/NCAA Clearing House & M-Q))
Mr. Stewart Solomon (R – Z)
SCHEDULES: I want to change my schedule. How do I do that?
  • Schedules will not be changed because a student wants to change the order of classes or to change teachers.
  • Students may request a change during the first week (Aug 11 to Aug 14) of school, if there is a problem with the schedule. Problems include issues such as: “I was given a class that was not submitted to my counselor.” “I took a class during summer school to become eligible for a different class.” “I failed a class last year.”
  • If a student has a valid reason, they should text their counselor the same day they are given their schedule. Schedule changes MUST be submitted to the counselors by the end of the first week of school (Aug 14).
Counselor Contact Information: Contact your counselor via text.
Mr. Patrick Farschian (All Freshmen)
Mrs. Patricia Rosales (A – Fi)
Mrs. Leila McFarlin (Fl – L)
Mrs. Natalie Kirkbride-Escobedo (AVID/NCAA Clearing House & M-Q))
Mr. Stewart Solomon (R – Z)
START OF SCHOOL: When does school start?
School begins on August 11.
TECHNOLOGY ISSUES: Call Technology Help (Chromebook or WiFi): 909-397-4800 x23780 or visit our Student Technology Help page here.
TEXT BOOKS: When do I pick-up my text books?
To pick-up textbooks beginning Wednesday, August 12:
  • Schedule an appointment by contacting Ms. Lillie Jimenez,
  • Appointments will be available on Wednesday mornings and Monday - Friday, from 2pm to 4pm
  • Only ONE individual will be allowed on the campus for pick-up
  • That individual MUST wear a mask and a temperature check will be conducted upon entering the school
TEXT BOOKS: I didn’t return my text books last spring. When should I return them?
Bring those books with you when you pick up you books for this year.
TRANSCRIPTS: How do I request transcripts?
Graduating seniors should use their Parchment account to request transcripts. All other students should contact the Registrar.
TRANSFERRING TO DRHS: How do I transfer into DRHS?
Transfers are facilitated through the PUSD Pupil Services Offices. (909) 397-4800, ext. 23942
WITHDRAWING FROM DRHS: How do I withdraw from DRHS?
Contact the School Registrar to request school records via email
WORK PERMITS: How do I get a work permit?
YEARBOOKS: I did not pick-up my yearbook. When can I pick it up?
Yearbooks that were not picked up on the yearbook pick-up date will be able to pick up your yearbook during textbook distribution.