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SUPerb First Rally of The Year

By: Kyra Saldana

August 29th, 2019

first rally of the yearWhat a great way to UPstart the new school year, with the first rally! We began the year with an UP themed rally and it definitely set the bar for the rallies to come. Many thought that the rally was well-executed by the Associated Student Body (ASB) and that the clever games played were the highlight of the festivities, especially the game “Gimme, Gimme”, where audience members were able to participate by providing their class representatives with specific class items. The new performance groups were exciting to watch and members of all classes were in awe of their routines as well. 

The setup of the rally was impeccable as always, beautiful ribbons lined up the bleachers and clever UP themed posters decorated the walls of the gym. The Diamond Ranch Panther Brigade’s booming pep tunes set the celebratory mood, though anxiety about the first rally lingered in the air as many did not know what to expect from their class sections. Many classes were surprised with the participation of their own section, yet the booing of the freshmen put a slight damper to the beginning of the rally. 

The dominating Class of Seniors, 2020, did not fail to deliver as their section won the Spirit Stick. “We had the most energy I’ve ever seen us have!” (Lexi Chavez, Senior). The united orange section blew the entire gym away with their spirited cheering and overwhelming school spirit. 

“I think we can be a lot more spirited, and everyone needs to participate and stand up and cheer!” Alyssa Silfa, Junior, tells the Post. Members of the Junior Class of 2021 are hopeful that their section’s enthusiasm will rise in the rallies to come. 

Many Sophomores were surprised and proud of the spirit by their class this year, compared to their lack of participation the year prior.  “We were loud and on our feet, which made the rally more enjoyable and exciting!” (Camille Serrano, Sophomore). 

The potential of the yellow Class of 2023 was evident to the whole gym as the new Panthers shined brighter than many of the freshmen classes before them. Yet, they know that they have a long way to go before they can get their hands on that spirit stick. 

Let’s keep the momentum going! Be sure to show up with school spirit at the next rally!