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Class of 2021 FAQs

The DRHS Senior Hub is your one-stop shop to find information about your senior year. Find the Senior Calendar, updates from the Principal, Counselors, College & Career Center, and Activities Office as well as Scholarship information. To access the Senior Hub the link below:

Activities Office




Date:               September 18, 2020

To:                  DR Graduating Class of 2021

From:              Robin Raco

Re:                  Senior Info #2: Grad Fair & Parent Meeting


The 2021 Senior Grad Fair is this Wednesday, September 23rd and Thursday, September 24th.
On Wednesday, September 23rd, seniors will use the Senior Google classroom to complete graduation paperwork. We will collect gown sizes, diploma names, and call names, among other things.
On Thursday, September 24th, only those seniors who want to purchase items may come to Diamond Ranch at assigned times to pay for them. If you are planning to purchase items on Wednesday, be sure to complete the purchase list in the Grad Fair Step 5. Print a copy and bring it with you.  Purchases can be paid for with exact cash, credit card or check.
The Jostens representative will also be at DR to take gown payments on September 24th.
Only come to Diamond Ranch on Thursday, if you plan to purchase items.
Designated time slots:
3:00 - 3:30 Julius Acdan to Eddie Clara
3:30 – 4:00 Brianna Clark to Hunter Grigsby
4:00 – 4:30 Alonso Groth-Solorzano to Andrew Martinez
4:30 – 5:00 Daniel Martinez to Ruben Paz
5:00 – 5:30 Alexis Pedraza to Cesar Sanchez
5:30 – 6:00 Marisela Sanchez to Robert Zuzunaga
On Thursday, October 8th, we will have a senior-senior parent meeting via Zoom at 7 PM.  Specific information will be available closer to the event.
Seniors who have not joined the Senior Google classroom should join using the code 3ylqi4y.
Seniors who have not made an appointment for a senior portrait and you want to be in the yearbook, call PSS Imaging (714) 630-7785 as soon as possible.

Diamond Ranch High School

Activities Office




Date:               June 15, 2020

To:                  DR Graduating Class of 2021

From:              Robin Raco

Re:                  Senior Info #1: Summer News



Aloha to Our Next Senior Class,


Although it is summer, it is time to begin working on next year!


Senior Portraits


Normally, PSS Imaging, our school photographer comes to school, during summer, to make taking senior portraits easier.


Give that we are still on stay-at-home orders and that DR is still closed, that is not possible this summer. Seniors must make appointments and go to the PSS Imaging’s Studio in Anaheim to take senior portraits.


I recommend that you do this during the summer for several reasons. Once school begins, everyone gets busier and it becomes more difficult to schedule appointments.  We are not the only school that PSS covers, and most schools have yearbook deadlines about the same time. If you wait to make an appointment, you might not be able to schedule an appointment in time for our deadline.  Take your picture sooner, rather than later. Make an appointment SOON, by visiting the website: A flyer from PSS is attached to this memo.


I would also like to point out that, IF something should happen and we need to have pictures of all graduates, these are the pictures we will use.


It is a DR tradition to photograph the seniors for the yearbook in graduation gowns. Because of the need to clean and disinfect clothing after each use, that will not be possible. This year we will photograph seniors for the yearbook layout in self-selected and self-provided dressy attire.

    1. Please remember that this is a school publication.
    2. In general, follow the dictates of the school dress code…..


      Wear tasteful blouses/tops

      No plunging necklines

      No strapless tops

      No spaghetti strap tops


      A dressy shirt and tie

            If desired, a dark jacket or vest


  • Senior Tee Shirt and Sweatshirt


Hopefully, you followed the Instagram reveal of your class mascot…..It is Kermit the Frog.


We are accepting pictures for art work for the tee shirt and sweatshirt.

If you want to submit art work,

  1. Send just the art work – Do not draw a tee shirt and put the art work on it.
  2. Do not use copyrighted images.
  3. Send proposed art work as a pdf attachment on an email to me at ( by Monday, June 22, noon.   




We use several avenues to communicate with seniors, so please make sure you are connected to the following ….


  1. In Touch Phone Calls – These are the automated telephone calls that I make periodically to alert students and parents of important information. The number called is the first number entered in guardian contacts in the PUSD Zangle system. Please have your parents check to make sure the number is accurate. Telephone numbers can only be changed by parents accessing Parent Connect. Also, please note that when you hear that pause that signals a recorded message, wait to hear the voice  (Good evening DR Graduating Class of 2021…) so the message isn’t mistaken for one from a telemarketer.
  2. The Senior Class Officers Instagram – drseniors21.
  3. The DRHS Webpage – specifically under the FAQs.



Have a Great Summer!


I look forward to seeing all of you in the fall!